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With this one page Internet billboard we are pleased to network you with the Solid Natural Scents (Natural Perfume and Cologne alternatives) by Bee23.ca, based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Each of the Bee23.ca natural skin care products is hand crafted with no synthetic chemicals added.  Only quality essential oils are added to our beeswax base with nut or fruit butter using shea butter and or mango butter with high quality cold pressed vegetable oils.

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Three blends are available in the Bee23.ca Natural Scent product selection: All three are excellent Natural Perfume alternatives and our Stung Natural Solid Scent serves as the Natural Cologne alternative. Find more information, testimonials and order natural beauty products online at the www.Bee23.ca website.  To make your online shopping easier here are the respective web pages for the Natural Solid Scents:

Natural Scent Products: Natural Beauty Skin Care by Bee23: In three distinct yet subtle fragrances.




vanilla and bergamot

Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Lavender

 cedarwood and frankincense

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